No Cure [Deluxe Edition]

by DJ Vortivask

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In memory of Gerald "orangy" Holtz Jr. [1996-2014].

The album that almost never came to be. The project started as far back as 2013, with the release of the (You Don't Have To) Believe single. Production lasted sporadically until early-mid 2015; amusingly enough for a project intended to only last for two months. The seventh/final album under the AnonyWolf moniker, and the first under the DJ Vortivask moniker, more influences and sounds come around compared to any other release by this artist. From trance to vaporwave to pop rock to ambient to nerdcore, DJ Vortivask digs his hands into any style and emotion he could (within reason).

(Originally released June 16, 2015, this Deluxe Edition comes with 7 bonus tunes you won't find anywhere else. How exciting! Only yours for the low price of $5.)

All instruments performed and/or programmed by DJ Vortivask/AnonyWolf, except where noted.
Recorded at the bank.
All songs mixed and mastered by DJ Vortivask/AnonyWolf.
Additional mastering provided by Langston Masingale at StudioDOG Pro, courtesy of Handsome Audio.


released July 5, 2015

Special Thanks go out to:
My mom and dad (RIP) for providing me life.
Tony "Kranchman" Moshier for being such a righteous dude and keeping me motivated, as well as helping provide lyrics to The Road To Nowhere.
Langston Masingale for being such an awesome teacher and an awesome person, as well as for helping provide extra mastering to the album.
My online friends and Twitter peeps. Us killjoys gotta stick together.
Heather Feather for being so cool and showing off Fun Time Feather to her Twitter followers.
You, for taking your time to check out this album. The fact that you gave enough of a hoot to read these thanks is more than enough. Thank you.
Beneath The Surface utilizes audio from "Jekyll and Hyde ASMR Role Play for Tingles, Relaxation, and Sleep (3D Binaural)" by Heather Feather ASMR.
Where The Wind Goes samples "She Brakes For Rainbows" by The B-52's.
Fun Time Feather utilizes audio from "Face Paint Role Play for Relaxation and Sleep (ASMR) " by Heather Feather ASMR.
The Road To Nowhere written by Tony "Kranchman" Moshier.
Untitled (Somnolence) samples "Portions For Foxes" by Rilo Kiley.
Special Relativity utilizes audio from "Time Dilation - Travel at Speed of Light - Special Relativity" by AstronomyCorner.
September utilizes audio from "'The World of Quiet' Pt. 1- "The Host" (binaural) (7 triggers!)" by WhisperingRose ASMR.
(You Don't Have To) Believe samples "murmur twins" by yu_tokiwa.djw.
No permission(s) given, no permission(s) sought after.



all rights reserved


DJ Vortivask Liverpool

All These Worlds Are Yours (DJ Vortivask), also known earlier on as AnonyWolf, is an electronic musician out of Liverpool, NY. Several dozen albums under his belt under different monikers, this musician is not afraid to take influence in any genre he can.

Follow up to No Cure coming late 2016/early 2017.
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Track Name: Beneath The Surface
[indistinct radio banter]

"Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened but go on in fortune or misfortune at their own private pace like a clock during a thunderstorm. There are no secrets in life; just hidden truths that lie beneath the surface."
Track Name: Where The Wind Goes
She knows where the wind goes.
Track Name: Fun Time Feather
"Hi there! I'm Fun Time Feather. I'll be doing the face paint at your party. Hi-five! Your friend said they were gonna get... a better face painter for their birthday party? I think we need to show your friend what I can do..."

Gather 'round, and hear my story
About this girl that I adore
See, her name is Heather & she's the best
She knows how to put me to rest
With the tingles & magical sounds
With the binaural microphone that goes around
My head like a psychedelic drug
Givin' my brain one giant hug
Her expertise is ASMR
And she's the best at what she does, by far
A myriad of styles and videos
In the words of Billy Corgan: she knows
Got the roleplays, sound snacks, messing with marbles
With a laugh I dare say is adorable
And whenever I need to get my grip together
I know I can depend on the fun time feather

She's the candy queen with the killer scheme
To remove the king to reign supreme
She's the one you go to t'get your head checked
And you'd go again in a heartbet, I bet
She can paint your faice or be Bob Ross
She can be your doctor or be your boss
She can help you design your basement
Any tile you want, she can place it
She can tell you stories to help you sleep
Or she can eat some candy treats
She can be whatever character you desire
(She can even be a queen vampire!)
And every week, it's a new adventure
Guaranteed to be a friendly pleasure
So, when you feel a bit under the weather,
You know you can say "HEY!" to the fun time feather

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm a fan of her stuff
I can depend on her when the going gets tough
And she'll never know my name, and it's a shame
But I know that she cares, so how can I complain?
She gives so much to me with little concern,
So here's a little something in return
And I don't care if this song is dumb
I even used her voice at the beginning of this album
So who's the one who can make you feel better?
That's right, motherfucker; it's the fun time feather!
Track Name: Starlight Snowstorm
Do you love me too?
Track Name: I Need You (In My Life)
The other day, I drove past the place we met
I remember it all like it was yesterday
A quiet girl with so much to give
And I wanted to take it all for myself
I wonder if you've ever gone back there
To sing on some new tunes you wrote
While you were feeling down
And I wonder how many songs you wrote 'bout me
I've gotta know

Did you think of me as you were falling asleep?
Have you ever thought that I was one to keep?
I curse myself for never speaking up
And telling you how I really feel

I need you in my life, as in
I've gotta hold you tight
And every second that you're away
I die a bit more inside
A voice as warm as cinnamon
With a smile so sunny bright
And I get so cold because I know
I'll never feel that warmness from you again

The other day, I drove past your high school
I've never been inside, myself
But as I scan along the bricks
I can only imagine you walking 'round, hand in mine
I wonder what you're doing with your life
Because it's probably better than mine
Oh, what I'd give to smooch your lips
And stand tall & proud, watching you walk down the aisle
Into my arms

Did you think of me when all your cards were dealt?
Have you thought of me when you went to touch yourself?
I curse my introverted ways;
I have to tell you how I really feel

I need you in my life, as in
I've gotta hold you tight
And every second that you're away
I die a bit more inside
A voice as warm as cinnamon
With a smile so sunny bright
And I get so cold because I know
I'll never feel that warmness from you again

[indistinct voices]

I need you in my life, as in
I've gotta hold you tight
And every second that you're away
I die a bit more inside
A voice as warm as cinnamon
With a smile so sunny bright
And I get so cold because I know
I'll never feel that warmness from you again

I need you in my life, as in
I've gotta hold you tight
Your face is burned inside my brain
And it makes me wanna cry
Sing to me in French, my dear
Tell me everything will be alright
Don't keep me cold, I need to know
If you love me like I love you tonight
Track Name: The Road To Nowhere
"The road to nowhere is a winding road. Ever entwining into the soil and cross-sections of this land America. Come rain, come snow, come smoldering Summer heat, the road to nowhere delivers drivers to the next season year after year. May sunlight glare at eager drivers, bending 'round every curve and contour. Potholes and bumps, dirt and gravel. Ice and water, mixing insecurity in to every travel. Young drivers driving old. Old drivers driving dead. Some drivers driving to deliver life, while some drivers drive to instill dread. The road to nowhere doesn't care; it grows and grows and twists and twists.It'll cater to your carbon footprint, or throw you to the side. Whether the shoulder is your destiny, or your stop is the end, the road will have you know; your busy car is always its welcome friend."
Track Name: Special Relativity
"The most bizarre aspect in traveling near the speed of light is that time slows down. All clocks, mechanical and biological, tick more slowly near the speed of light, but stationary clocks tick at their usual rate. If we travel close to light speed, we age more slowly than those we left behind. Paulo's watch and his internal sense of time show that he's been gone from his friends for only a few minutes, but from their point of view, he has been away for many decades. His friends have grown up, moved on, and died. And his younger brother has been patiently waiting for him all this time. The two brothers experience the paradox of time dilation. They've encountered Einstein's special relativity."
Track Name: September
I'll be there just for you.
Let me take care of you.
Track Name: (You Don't Have To) Believe
You don't have to believe
...colored affair...
You don't have to-